Stage 3 Injectors (exchange basis)



Please note, the listed price is for each injector. These injectors are meticulously crafted using authentic Bosch components and are custom-made upon order, requiring approximately a week for production. We operate on an exchange basis for these injectors, requiring the return of your old units before processing your order. Failure to send in the old units upfront will necessitate choosing the non-exchange listing until we receive them. This process guarantees the seamless exchange of quality injectors and helps maintain an efficient system for our customers, your cooperation in this exchange process is greatly appreciated.

These fit such models as;
118D M47N2 (2004-2007)
120D M47N2 (2004 – 2007)
320D E46 M47N & E90 M47N2 (2001-2007)
318D E90 M47N2 (2004-2007)
325D E90 M57N2 (2005 – 2009)
520D E60 M47N2 (2004-2007)
525D M57N 2.5L & M57N2 3.0L (2004-2009)
535D M57TOP (2004-2006)
X3 E83 2.0D M47N & M47N2 (up to 2007)
X3 E83 M57N
X5 3.0D E53 (2004-2006)
730D E65 M57N 218HP

There is no warranty stated or implied due to the unusual stresses placed on racing parts and because we have no control over how they’re installed and used.

If you’re unsure wether this part is suitable for your vehicle please contact us before ordering.